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Rec Challenge: Frodo/Éomer

Our next challenge here at lotr_fic_recs is sort of new and sort of not. Over the years we've had three different Interspecies challenges. These tend to have a lot of Frodo/Aragorn and Frodo/Faramir stories with a few other pairings mixed in. But elanorgardner and I think it would be nice to separate out the pairings and have a challenge for each one. We're starting out with a somewhat rare pairing but one that definitely has its fans.

Between now and May 3rd, please recommend fics featuring the Frodo/Éomer pairing that were not recommended in previous Interspecies challenges.

There were just two Frodo/Éomer fics recommended in our first Interpecies challenge, back in March of 2004:

A Sort of Healing by baranduin, recommended by lorie945 (Invalid story URL) -- Corrected link for story

Searchers by lorie945, recommended by claudia603

Surely there are other classics as well as some excellent Frodo/Éomer fics that have been written since then. We would love to hear about them!

Please make your rec as a comment on this entry. You can recommend as many fics as you like just don't remember to start a new comment thread for each one, and avoid reccing your own fics. (That was last week!) You can copy and paste the items below into your comment to include as much information about the fic as possible:

<b>Title of fic:</b>
<b>Author name:</b>
<b>URL link to story:</b>
<b>Pairing/Main characters:</b>
<b>Complete or WIP:</b>
<b>Reason for reccing:</b>

All the components of a rec are explained here. The community process and the rules are here.

Also, feel free to respond to other comments if you'd like to second someone's rec, mention something else you like about the fic, or say thank you. Since this is a reccing comm and not a fic debate or discussion comm, we don't allow negative comments about fics, but we do believe in sharing the squee. :)

Thanks in advance, everyone.
Tags: all recs, character: eomer, character: frodo, pairing: frodo/eomer, theme: interspecies
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