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REC CHALLENGE - Portrayal of Bilbo

With all the speculation (even manips appearing!) about who will play Bilbo in the upcoming "Hobbit" movie, this one seems appropriate.


Recommend a good story that contains a memorable portrayal of Bilbo Baggins which was not recommended in the original challenge (see list behind the cut below). Any genre, any rating.

Post your recommendation as a comment on THIS entry please. Oh yes, and it doesn't matter if the fic is now unavailable online -- tell us about it anyway. Perhaps someone may know where it is hiding these days!

Links to all previous responses to this challenge are below the cut. They are links to the recommendation, with the name of the story recommended and the name of the individual recommending it as the link, and any information about corrections to the URL included.

Previous "BILBO" Recommendations:

"The Guardians " by Ioanthe Chubb recommended by sayhello

"The Legacy" by Anglachel recommended by lame_pegasus

"A Fallen Candle's Flame" by Europanya recommended by blackbird_song

"Revision" by teasel recommended by lame_pegasus
(Invalid story [URL]) -- Corrected link for story

"Hand in Hand" by illyria_novia recommended by lame_pegasus

"Rites of Passage: Book II - Bag End" by willow_wode recommended by snoopydance4me


And for those of you who like to see the original recommendations in the original post format -

Recommendation Challenge #37 - September 2004


Please copy and paste the items below into your comment to make sure you include everything that readers may need to find the fic, if it is still available:

All the components of a rec are explained here. The community process and the rules are here.

Join in the fun!
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