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For the next two weeks, the challenge here at lotr_fic_recs is to recommend a good Lord of the Rings fic that features a memorable and interesting Original Character (OC). The OC can be male or female and the fic can be any rating, any genre, including RP or FP. As with the previous OC challenge (held back in 2005), we also want to include characters whose names may show up in the books (i.e. in the family trees), but who have little or no mention and no dialogue at all in the text.

Beneath the cut are links to the nine recs from that challenge, all of which have working links to the stories.

Previous OC Recommendations

"And Left the Tenderness of Tears" by Lurea, recommended by sayhello

"Not Yet" by pippinmctaggart, recommended by mysteriousaliwz

"The King's Commission" by Larner, recommended by dreamflower02

"Recaptured!" by llinos, recommended by marigoldg

"The Goat from Bree" by lullenny, recommended by semielliptical

"Devoted" by mariole, recommended by slipperieslope -- alternate story link

"Rites of Passage" by willow_wode, recommended by elanorgardner

"Boffin'" by singeaddams, recommended by elanorgardner

"The Minstrel's Quest" by gentlehobbit, recommended by illyria_novia


And for those of you who like to see the original recommendations in the original post format -

Recommendation Challenge #67 – April 2005


To recommend a story, please copy and paste the items below into your comment to include as much information about the fic as possible:

<b>Title of fic:</b>
<b>Author name:</b>
<b>URL link to story:</b>
<b>Pairing/Main characters:</b>
<b>Complete or WIP:</b>

All the components of a rec are explained here. The community process and the rules are here.

Be sure to tell us something about the OC in the "Reason" section! Feel free to recommend as many fics as you like, just be sure to start a separate comment thread for each and avoid reccing your own fics. If you think your friends might have a good OC fic or two to rec, please point them toward this challenge!

Thanks, everyone!
Tags: all recs, theme: original character, type: fp, type: rp
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