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New challenge: FEMSLASH!

From a request in a wonderful e-mail we got a while back, our new challenge here at lotr_fic_recs is to recommend a Lord of the Rings or Lotrips fanfic featuring femslash or, if you prefer, femmeslash, girlslash, saffic, etc. Ladies falling in love and/or getting it on in Middle-earth and New Zealand! It's a challenge, I know, but I believe we can do it. Any rating is fine, and fics with multiple pairings or threesomes involving a guy are acceptable as long as the focus is on the lass/lass action.

We haven't done this one before (although there was Ladies of LotR – RP challenge in January of 2006) so no recs to repeat below the cut, just the template you can copy and paste into your comment so we get as much info as possible. As usual, recommend as many fics as you like, and feel free to comment on each other's recs as long as you keep it positive. Have fun, everybody.

<b>Title of fic:</b>
<b>Author name:</b>
<b>URL link to story:</b>
<b>Pairing/Main characters:</b>
<b>Complete or WIP:</b>

All the components of a rec are explained here. The community process and the rules are here.
Tags: all recs, theme: femslash, type: fp, type: rp
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