Sophinisba Solis (sophinisba) wrote in lotr_fic_recs,
Sophinisba Solis

New challenge: Elijah/Ian

Okay, time for a rare and wondrous Lotrips pairing: please recommend to us your favorite fics featuring the pairing Elijah Wood/Sir Ian McKellen.


The only Elijah/Ian fic recced in the Elijah/not-a-hobbit challenge back in 2004 was Teaching Elijah by grievous_angel (recommended anonymously), so everything else is fair game. Ian fans might also want to check out the Ian McKellen challenge from 2005, which sadly did not bring in any Elijah/Ian recs.

Recommend as many fics as you like. It's nice if you can fill out this template so there's as much information here as possible, but if you're missing one piece or another we still want to hear from you.

<b>Title of fic:</b>
<b>Author name:</b>
<b>URL link to story:</b>
<b>Pairing/Main characters:</b>
<b>Complete or WIP:</b>
<b>Reason:</b> </code>

All the components of a rec are explained here. The community process and the rules are here.

Thanks, everyone!
Tags: all recs, character: elijah, character: ian mckellen, pairing: elijah/ian, type: rp
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