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Challenge: Portrayal of Orlando


The new challenge here at lotr_fic_recs is to recommend a fic with a memorable portrayal of Orlando Bloom that wasn't recced in the previous Orlando challenge. These will most likely be rpf, obviously, but beyond that any genre or pairing is fine. As per the newest version of The Rules, you can rec one of your own fics once you've recced at least one thing by another author in the same challenge. (If you only want to rec someone else that is also good!)

Below the cut are links to the recs from the previous Portrayal of Orlando challenge, back in February/March of 2005, as well as a template you can copy and paste into your rec to get all the relevant information in. Thanks so much for your participation, everyone, and thanks also to mews1945 and telesilla for supplying me with the pretty pictures. :)

Previous Orlando Recs:

-Skaterboy by deleerium, recommended by crooked_halo8

-If by jenlynn820, recommended by crooked_halo8

-Drink Up, Me Hearties, Yo Ho! by freedomfry, recommended by crooked_halo8

-Fraternity by talesinbloom, recommended by crooked_halo8
(Invalid story URL – My understanding is that this fic is no longer available online by the author's preference. Please let me know if I'm wrong.)

-Kinderreim by suzebii2, recommended by crooked_halo8
(Invalid story URL – Again, appears to have been taken down by the author but let us know if you have any other information.)

-Captain Obvious And The Art of Intimidation by cupidsbow, recommended by capra_maritimus
(Invalid story URL in the rec, but the fic is still available here)

-Damanged by arabia764, recommended by slipperieslope

-See Under: Clue, Getting A by abundantlyqueer, recommended by slipperieslope
(Invalid story URL, but AQ's fic is available on IJ and is indexed here.)

Please copy and paste the items below into your comment:

<b>Title of fic:</b>
<b>Author name:</b>
<b>URL link to story:</b>
<b>Pairing/Main characters:</b>
<b>Complete or WIP:</b>

All the components of a rec are explained here. The community process and the rules are here
Tags: all recs, character: orlando, type: rp
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