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Elanor Gardner


Well, we are in that lovely "school just started, pre-holiday, people are busy, Mercury is in retrograde" period where the recs just kind of slump a bit. But the goal of this community is to gather as many of the good recs for LotR stories as we can – to provide footprints for future fans to follow to all the good stuff in the fandom.


A lot of LotR web sites are disappearing, LiveJournals of individual fans and communities are being deleted or going silent, and, as we have found in our challenges, even some stories and novels are gone except for the precious private hoards of some fans. In light of this and in light of our community's vision, I would like to make our next challenge a rather important one for posterity.

Between now and November 1st, please recommend the reccers – give us links to those individuals and groups who have lists of recommended stories in the LotR fandom and be sure to link to their actual rec page or pages!

In a future challenge we will be asking for your recs of archive sites and of individual author sites. Meanwhile, please make each recommendation one comment to make it easier on our readers!

For this one, we have a special template for your rec. Please use it. As usual, we recommend that you copy and paste:

Tags: all recs, theme: reccers, type: fp, type: rp
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