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A quote from a grateful newcomer, farfallacqui on this challenge -- "I just want to say I really appreciate the fact that you guys put this together so that folks who are REALLY new, like me, can actually start to find the good stuff. I can't believe I wasted so much time on crapfiction.suck when there were all these good fics hanging around on here, tagged and everything! Merry/Pippin, in some ways, is a ghost fandom, I'm finding. I feel like half the stories I read tonight were read using the help of the Wayback Machine website, off of sites that hadn't been alive for five years. There were definitely some livejournals that hadn't seen posting for five years. Anyway, without this community I'd still be plodding aimlessly through suckfiction.blah, and I'm exceeeedingly grateful. I want to give all of you a hug."

Yep, as I said in the challenge, it is important to leave footprints…

Please come on over to lotr_fic_recs and recommend the archive sites and individual author sites which provide LotR stories, songs, poems, or art. These do not have to be your favorites. (And I know some of you have comprehensive lists!) As with story challenges, you may recommend your OWN site after you have recommended at least one other site.

Recommend as many sites as you like, as often as you like, just be sure to use our special site template.

The challenge entry is over here.

Also, we are still looking for entries on the prior challenge here for recommending the reccers – providing links to the individuals and groups who have lists of recommended stories in the LotR fandom.

Please advertise the challenge in your own journal or in any communities where individuals might be interested.

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