January 2nd, 2005

Fic Recs - Challenge Yule


Recommend a good Real Person Slash (RPS) story that is focused on the pairing of Dom/Elijah which was not recommended in the original challenge (see list behind the cut below). Post your recommendation as a comment on THIS entry please. Of course, this is Real Person Slash, but it can be AU or non-AU and ANY rating.

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Please copy and paste the items below into your comment to make sure you include everything that we voracious readers need to find the fic:

Title of fic:
Author name:
URL link to story:
Warning(s) (if applicable or N/A):
Pairing (if applicable or N/A):
Complete or WIP:
Reason: Be as thorough as possible. For suggestions, see the components post here.

All the components of a rec are explained here. The community process and the rules are here.

Now, go forth and REC!!!