October 26th, 2008

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REC CHALLENGE - Merry/Pippin - FPS

We haven't done this one in a while and a few of the original rec links are broken. This is one of the favourite pairings in the fandom likely has some more stories out there we haven't discovered yet. So, with some encouragement from a lovely manip by our friends Ned and Leny at Theban Band, please offer up some new recs!


Recommend a good story that focuses on the pairing of Merry/Pippin which was not recommended in the original challenges (see list behind the cut below). Fictional Person Slash, any rating.

Post your recommendation as a comment on THIS entry please. Oh yes, and it doesn't matter if the fic is now unavailable online -- tell us about it anyway. Perhaps someone may know where it is hiding these days!

Links to all previous responses to this challenge are below the cut. They are links to the recommendation, with the name of the story recommended and the name of the individual recommending it as the link, and any information about corrections to the URL included.

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Please copy and paste the items below into your comment to make sure you include everything that readers may need to find the fic, if it is still available:

All the components of a rec are explained here. The community process and the rules are here.

Join in the fun!