February 21st, 2010

Fic Recs Red Book - Results


This is elanorgardner apologizing for the silence here at lotr_fic_recs. I have been much preoccupied of late with the other pressing parts of my life. In addition, my lovely co-moderator, sophinisba informed me back in November that she is also overwhelmed with other obligations in her life and will have to step back as co-moderator of the community (although she did kindly offer to remain, as she has always been, chief link-updater and tag checker.) Thank you Sophie for your selfless work here at the community. MWAH!

Now, onward....
Fic Recs LotRecs - Challenge


As I said in a prior challenge, a lot of LotR web sites are disappearing, LiveJournals of individual fans and communities are being deleted or going silent, and, as we have found in our challenges, even some stories and novels are gone (except for the precious private hoards of a few fans). And since the goal of this community is to provide footprints for future fans to follow to all the good stuff in the fandom, this challenge is rather important.


For this challenge, please recommend the archive sites and individual author sites which provide LotR stories, songs, poems, or art. These do not have to be your favorites. (And I know some of you have comprehensive lists!) ETA: As with story challenges, you may recommend your OWN site only after you have recommended at least one other site.

For this one, we have a special template for your rec. At a minimum, provide the URL, but if possible please tell us more. As usual, we recommend that you copy and paste:

Also, if you could, please do go back to the prior challenge along these lines here. and recommend the reccers – provide links to the individuals and groups who have lists of recommended stories in the LotR fandom