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Recommend a story that contains a memorable kiss which was not recommended in the original challenges (see list behind the cut below). Post your recommendation as a comment on THIS entry please. Obviously, this can be Fictional Person or Real Person, Gen or Het or Slash, non-adult or adult - ANY rating.

Definitions: A kiss is, according to the dictionary, “a caress or touch with the lips”. To kiss is, according to the dictionary, “to touch or caress with the lips as an expression of affection, greeting, respect, or amorousness”.

Make sure to include in your Reason: detail on where the kiss in question is in the story and why it is memorable.

Post your recommendation as a comment on THIS entry please. Oh yes, and it doesn't matter if the fic is now unavailable online -- tell us about it anyway. Perhaps someone may know where it is hiding these days!

Links to all previous responses to this challenge are below the cut. They are links to the recommendation, with the name of the story recommended and the name of the individual recommending it as the link, and any information about corrections to the URL included.

Previous "KISS" Recommendations

"To the Flame" by princessofg recommended by gullygilly

"All That I Had (Chapter 8)" by elenya recommended by aliena_z

"Lessons in Maturity" by Fennelseed recommended by serai1
(Invalid story URL) -- Corrected link for story

"Neither Death Nor Pain" by melyanna recommended by adesso
(Invalid story URL) -- Corrected link for story

"Elijah's Lips" by rakshi recommended by carolina30363

"The Making of Samwise (Chapter 45)" by billthepony recommended by teasel
(Invalid story URL) -- Corrected link for story

"Lily-of-the-Valley" by baranduin recommended by lilybaggins
(Invalid story URL) -- Corrected link for story

"Old Wounds" by Epona recommended by elderberrywine
(Invalid story URL) -- Corrected link for story

"Deconstructing Legolas" by Lemur recommended by Anonymous
(Invalid story URL) -- Corrected link for story

"Instinct" by tiriel35 recommended by strangerian
(Invalid story URL) -- Corrected link for story

"Blindfold" by singeaddams recommended by lame_pegasus

"The Ultimate Birthday Present" by arabia764 recommended by samena

"PipeDreams" by willow_wode recommended by elanorgardner
(Originally in ZINE only) -- Corrected link for story

"For A Star and A Half" by caraloup recommended by calanthe11

"Falling into the Sky (Chapter 4)" by elanorgardner recommended by willow_wode

"Dead Secret" by Adrienne recommended by Cara Loup

"Rain" by mirabellawotr recommended by abby_normal

"Foolish Games" by billthepony recommended by elycia
(Invalid story URL) -- Corrected link for story

"And I Loved Him That He Did Pity Them" by Janis Cortese recommended by wordsworthy

Thank you to the lovely and generous sophinisba for searching for and providing almost all the corrected links above!!


And for those of you who like to see the original recommendations in the original post format -

Kiss Rec Challenge - Feb 2004

Kiss Rec Challenge - Nov 2004


Please copy and paste the items below into your comment to make sure you include everything that readers may need to find the fic, if it is still available:

Title of fic:
Author name:
URL link to story:
Warning(s) (if applicable or N/A):
Pairing (if applicable or N/A):
Complete or WIP:
Reason: Be as thorough as possible. For suggestions, see the components post here.

All the components of a rec are explained here. The community process and the rules are here.

Join in the fun!
Tags: all recs, theme: kiss, type: fp, type: rp
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