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Lord of the Rings Fan Fiction Recommendations

For Professional, Prolific, and Promiscuous Readers of LotR FanFic

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Lord of the Rings Fan Fiction Recs Community
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WELCOME to lotr_fic_recs!!

    To provide individuals who love to read Lord of the Rings fan fiction with a place where they can both give and receive recommendations from their fellow lovers of Lord of the Rings fan fiction. This will include Adult stories and stories not considered Adult, slash and het stories, and stories about the characters (FP - fictional people) and the actors (RP - real people) who play them.

    Every month on the first of the month, one of the lotr_fic_recs moderators (elanorgardner or sophinisba) will post a challenge entry listing the recommendations previously made by community members and friends within a specific category or genre of Lord of the Rings fanfiction and asking for additional recommendations from community members or friends.
    The community members or friends will then respond with comments directly to the challenge entry providing their recommendation in response to the challenge providing the information shown in the FIC REC COMPONENTS below, using the FIC REC TEMPLATE below.
    IMPORTANT NOTE:LiveJournal is the primary home of lotr_fic_recs. Individuals who do not have an LJ are welcome to make recommendations anonymously or through OpenID. If you prefer not to even comment in LJ in any fashion, feel free to make your recommendation on the post in your journal of choice. We will link to it there.
    On a regular basis during the fortnight, lotr_fic_recs will post a reminder linking to the challenge entry so that members of the community and lurkers can read all the comments at their leisure, and the cycle begins again every two weeks.
    The moderator will make every attempt to "mix it up", so that, if your preference is not the genre or pairing or whatever that is currently up, you can simply skip that challenge and wait for the next!

    The Community will allow ”signed” or anonymous recommendations. “Signed” recommendations are preferred, since this shows that you are willing to stand behind your recommendation and gives readers a chance to determine if you have recommended stories which they enjoyed previously. However anonymous recommendations are allowed for those who do not have an LJ, but we ask that you put your name in the actual recommendation comment itself. Anonymous recommendations will also be allowed for those who do not want to drop the mask of anonymity for some reason, but completely anonymous recommendations will be carefully scrutinized.
    The Community will allow ”signed” or anonymous ADDENDUM comments to
      1. Add missing factual information about the location or rating of the fic
      2. Correct factual information in the recommendation, such as a rating, warning, or URL
      3. "Second" the recommendation as another reader with added comments
    A legitimate warning is not "this fic sucks" -- THAT is a review. A legitimate warning is "non-consensual sex" -- IF that is a true statement. The moderator will determine the legitimacy of ADDENDUM comments and delete as necessary. Again, "signed" addendums are preferred, but anonymous comments will be allowed, although they will be very carefully scrutinized.
    NEGATIVE comments or reviews are not welcomed in this community. There are plenty of places to critique fic, this is not one of them. It is understood that any given fic loved by any given individual might just not be your cup of tea, but please take any discussion to your personal LJ. lotr_fic_recs is for sharing fics that you love with others and explaining why so that others might discern whether there is a chance that they might just enjoy them as much as you did.
    As an author, you may recommend one of your own fics, but only after you have recommended at least one fic by someone else on the same challenge. Please put "SELF REC" in the subject line of the comment for clarity.
    IP logging will be turned on (1) to prevent authors from recommending their own work without recommending another fic first and (2) to monitor any ongoing problems with comments.
    The moderator reserves the right to delete any comment at any time, including recommendation comments, if that comment is judged inflammatory.
    Challenge posts may include acronyms in the challenge title for any challenge restrictions. Examples: RP - Real Person, FP - Fictional Person, S - Slash, H - Het, G - Gen (non-slash, non-het), ANY - Any rating/Any genre.
    More than one recommendation is allowed per member per challenge.
    No posts are to be made to the community, only comments in response to the weekly challenge post.
    Challenges will be issued on Sunday, recommendations can be made in response up until the next challenge goes up.
    Please make any comments on the process or community maintenance issues to a non-recommendation challenge post, if possible. Any comments made directly to the challenge post that are not recommendations will be deleted.

    Title of fic
    Author name
    URL link to story
    Slash Contains references to male/male or female/female relationships at the rating level shown (give rating from table below). Please indicate if RPS or FPS.
    Het Contains references to male/female relationships at the rating level shown (give rating from table below). Please indicate if RPH or FPH.
    Violence Contains references to violence at the rating level shown (give rating from table below).
    Language Contains language at the rating level shown (give rating from table below).
    Any other warnings Character death, BD (bondage domination), SM (sadism masochism), NC (non-consensual sex), AU (alternate universe), etc.
    G - general audience All ages. These stories contain nothing most parents will consider offensive for even their youngest children to see or hear.
    PG - parental discretion Some material may not be suitable for young children. These stories are not completely benign, but still safe for most underage individuals.
    PG-13 - parental guidance suggested This story is unsuitable for anyone under the age of 13 or that the story is probably inappropriate for pre-teens. As it may contain violence and/or some mild adult situations or themes.
    R - restricted These stories are for of age individuals only. They can contain violence, adult themes, adult situations, and/or other material unsuitable for children.
    NC-17 These stories are only for mature adults. They may include graphic sex, extreme violence, and/or VERY adult themes. (Although, in fanfiction the NC-17 rating is usually reserved only for stories will extremely graphic sexual situations. Sometimes it is also given for other reasons. Be sure to pay attention to any and all warnings before reading these stories. Even if you are of age.)
    If you cannot determine a specific rating, at least indicate ADULT for PG-13, R, or NC-17 or NOT ADULT for G or PG
    Complete or WIP
    And MOST important of all -
    Reason - Why are you recommending THIS fic for this challenge? Please be as thorough as possible. Think of the reader lurking in the community for a good recommendation in which they might wish to invest their valuable time. What brings you back to this story again and again? Consider what you liked about the characterisation, plot action, theme, setting, or style of the story. Give the potential reader some indication of why they might also enjoy the story.
    If you have any questions or complaints or ideas for improvement, please comment on one of the non-challenge posts or see elanorgardner or sophinisba, the co-moderators of the community.

    • elanorgardner[at]livejournal[dot]com

    • sophinisba[at]gmail[dot]com

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